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SeniorCare Options is a Geriatric Care Management service specializing in senior advocacy, needs analysis, and care coordination. As a cross between a hospital case worker and a “Daughter for Hire” – we can help!

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Geriatric Care Management services provide clinical assessment, monitoring, and guidance to families who are caring for an aging loved one. We help provide objective and clinically focused analysis of one’s condition, and strive to promote a safe level of guidance and independence for those under care. Our assistance with families promotes cost and time savings, stress reduction, and proactive discussion with management of a senior’s care needs. We can be the “hub” of information to hold all providers accountable and retain proper focus on client centered care.

You are free to decide how often you’d like to use our service. We can be there to give you peace of mind as frequently as you need, or can offer a one-time evaluation or consultation to get you started. Many of our families value our caring expertise and have used our services for years, as we offer excellent continuity of care for life-long planning and intervention.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

A Geriatric Care Manager, or “GCM”, is a professional who specializes in assisting older persons and their families in meeting their day-to-day and long-term care needs. Most Geriatric Care Managers have training from bachelor degrees to multiple doctorates in gerontology, social work, psychology, and Nursing (RN Care Managers). Geriatric Care Managers, also known as Elder Care Specialists, are a newly recognized profession that is rapidly developing to help families adjust and cope with the challenges of an aging loved one.

safe zoneDetermining appropriate living arrangements and necessary supportive assistance are among the many services they offer. Care managers also provide needs analysis, screening, arranging, and monitoring in-home help, counseling and support including family conflict mediation and crisis intervention. In addition they arrange for legal, financial, and medical services, evaluate housing options, and assist with relocating an older person to the most appropriate setting. They act as liaisons to families who are separated by long distances from their elderly loved ones making sure they are managing well, and alerting them to any concerns or problems that may arise. Geriatric Care Managers have extensive knowledge about the services and resources in their communities.


What Our Clients Say...

Lisa gave my brother a quality of life that he never would have had without her. I believe she extended his life by several years. And it gave me peace of mind that he had quality care by people who cared about him.

Fran S., Illinois

You impressed me as being the epitome of professional geriatric care managers with kind caring values for your clients…

Carolyn T., North Carolina